What the NBA Star Can Teach You About Startup Success

Written by spaced

17 May, 2022

This week we spoke to Fryderyk Szydlowski, founder of Embargo. In this episode, you will hear the rollercoaster journey that is Fryderyk’s startup story; from losing investment due to Brexit to the pandemic destroying his customer base. Fryderyk shares tips and tricks on overcoming uncontrollable obstacles and how a founder can pick themselves up when everything is falling apart.  Additionally, he shares how being a former Pro Basketball player taught him about resilience and coping with failure. If you’re looking for tips on keeping a positive mindset when everything is going wrong, you’re in the right place!   Structure:   0:00 Introduction   1:00 Fryderyk's athletic background   7:30 How the athlete lifestyle is similar to a founder   9:15 You're Idols became your rivals  14:30 Where founders should be spending their time   17:30 How you have survived threw 2 economic downsides  25:00 How founders can help their employees when things are going bad  29:00 What is your startup hack   33:00 Startup Sinbin   If you have a question that you would like answered, then email them over to my podcast producer Rosie at Rosie@stakester.com  #startup #businesstips #founder  If you want to join us on the show, then fill in the “Pitch to Us” form on the Back Yourself Show website!   This is your chance to get your interesting and innovative business in front of a global audience, where you can talk ‘growth and development’ with Tom Fairey: a founder who has been there and done that.  Website - http://backyourself.show/

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