The Power of Influencer Marketing

Written by spaced

14 June, 2022

My guest this week is Jennifer Quigley-Jones the CEO & founder of Digital Voices.  In this episode,  Jennifer shares everything about influencer marketing, why startups should use influencers, how influencers can grow your business, and how it’s great to gain trust and credibility in early-stage startups.  Jennifer also dives into what should startups look for in an influencer to promote their brand and the biggest question of them all - should startups invest in small or huge influencers. If you’re looking to find out about everything to do with influencer marketing, you're in the right place.   0:00 Introduction  1:10 What is influencer marketing?  4:40 What should a startup be looking for with an influencer?  9:00 How should startups reach out to influencers?  12:00 How to do brief an influence on what you want  16:20 Who are the best types of companies that should be doing influencer marketing?  19:00 How do you monetize your audience?  26:00 What is the key to learning from working with big brands?  28:30 How do you grow a platform?  32:00 Startup Hack  If you have a question that you would like answered, email them over to our podcast producer Rosie at   #startup #businesstips #founder  If you want to join us on the show, then fill in the “Pitch to Us” form on the Back Yourself Show website!   This is your chance to get your interesting and innovative business in front of a global audience, where you can talk ‘growth and development’ with Tom Fairey: a founder who has been there and done that.   Website -

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