Making your team as efficient as possible with sales automation

Written by spaced

5 April, 2022

My guest this week is Anthony Collias, CEO of Treepoints.  In this episode, he shares his tips and tricks on sales automation and hidden HR costs that could be costing your business thousands. Additionally, Anthony and Tom will be debating about if unlimited holiday makes employees take less. If you’re looking to learn more about sales automation, hidden HR costs, and company culture, you’re in the right place. Structure: 0:45 Introduction 0:48 What is sales automation? 4:00 How to optimize your sales Automation? 7:35 How Tom raised 1 million dollars through GMass 8:50 How to make sure your sales automation doesn’t get reported as spam 10:00 What copy should you put in your Sales emails? 13:00 3 key things that should be in every email 14:45 How to get sales through LinkedIn 17:47 Key tools you need to analyse your sales data and success 19:25 The hidden cost of HR that could be costing your business thousands of dollars 25:00 How you should apply an Athletes mindset to your business 27:00 Importance of sleep on your productivity 28:00 Anthony and Toms debate about unlimited holiday 32:00 Startup Sin Bin. If you have a question that you would like answered, then email them over to my podcast producer Rosie at  #startup #businesstips #founder

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