How to Recognise the Signs That Mean You Should Pivot to a Startup Idea

Written by spaced

24 May, 2022

My guest this week is Rob Brockington, the CEO of Carlo money. In this episode, you will hear how Rob was brought on as the CEO of Carlo Money. Even before he had his foot in the door he knew he wanted to pivot the business. He shares why he wanted to pivot, how he validated the new idea and how to pitch it back to investors. He did all of this just as covid hit but still succeed. If you’re looking to learn more about validating new ideas, how to ask customers actionable questions and how to pitch to pivot and idea to investors, you're in the right place. 0:00 Introduction 0:45 How Rob came to the decision to pivot the company 2:30 How to validate pivoting an idea 5:00 How to speak to customers without persuading their answers 7:20 How to ask customers action based questions 11:00 66% of the population who are not in debt but they can’t afford a financial advisor 15:00 What to put in a pitch deck to pitch pivoting an idea 17:00 How money affects people's mental health 20:10 Startup Hack - Hiring your friends 21:15 Startup SinBin If you have a question that you would like answered, email them over to our podcast producer Rosie at  #startup #businesstips #founder If you want to join us on the show, then fill in the “Pitch to Us” form on the Back Yourself Show website! This is your chance to get your interesting and innovative business in front of a global audience, where you can talk ‘growth and development’ with Tom Fairey: a founder who has been there and done that. Website -

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