How to Get More Than Just Money From Your VC

Written by spaced

8 March, 2022

My guest this week is David Foreman, Managing Director at Praetura Ventures. And he’s here to pull the curtain back on VCs.
We’ll be digging into how founders need to find a VC that fits them, how VCs can provide more than just money and how David coaches founders from managing a team of 10 to leading as CEO of 100.
He’s also here to share some hard-hitting facts:

How a lack of honesty on both sides causes the VC/Founder relationship to break down
Why investors shouldn’t give founders detailed feedback
Why founders need to stop saying they’re going to be a Unicorn

If you’re looking for honest, raw and unfiltered advice straight from a VC you’re in the right place.

1:20 The importance of founders finding VC’s that fits them
1:57  How Ask VC’s how
5:52 3 reasons why VC and Founders relation can breakdown
10:30 How VCs can add value
14:00 How to coach founders to go from a team of 10 to 100
18:36 The power of Mentorship
23:18 Bring investment to the North
27:20 Startup myths
33:05 Toxic Startup Behaviors

2:11  “Ask to speak to founders they’ve already backed, and not just the 3 or 4 founders that are doing the best, who are clearly flavour of the month”
23:00 “ Get a mentor who’s not financially motivated by the outcome”
25:30 “The best founders are definitely talent magnets. Who gets really insanely talented people to work with them on building their vision of the business and also very self-aware”
27:43 “There is no monopoly on talent in the UK”
33:24 “As a founder, you don’t have to tell the VC that you’re going to be a unicorn.”

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