How to Find the Perfect Co-Founder

Written by spaced

15 March, 2022

My guest this week is Naïma Camara, CEO of Ownership. And she’s here to share her tips and tricks to finding the perfect Co-Founder.
We’ll be digging into what platforms are the best to find a co-founder, how to test if you and your co-founder are compatible and how to figure out how much equity you should offer.
If you’re a solo founder and are looking to expand your network and team, make sure to check out this episode!

0:45 What should you look for in a Co-Founder
2:30 How do you have a discussion about becoming a Co-Founder
5:00 Is it a good idea to start a business with a friend?
8:00 Where to find a co-founder
12:00 How to figure out the equity
15:20 3 questions founders should ask potential Co-founders
18:30 How employees should approach the equity discussion
20:45 Startup Sin Bin

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