How to Build a Solid Foundation for Your  Startup? – Kevin Monserrat of Consilience Ventures

Written by spaced

8 December, 2019

Lessons on stability from the man who ran deal-flow at Microsoft and launched his own Venture Fund. In this episode Kevin Monserrat, CEO of Consiliance Ventures discusses the pillars every startup needs to ensure they succeed, why he's changing the world of VC and why being a firefighter made him successful in business. 09:45-13:50 Why being a firefighter prepares you for running a VC 14:50 - 18:32 - What was the first thing he did when he started a VC? 20:26 - 25:32 - How do you get credible advice as a startup? 27:10 - 30:21 - What does it feel like to leave a giant like Microsoft and risk it all to do something that has never been done before? 29:55 - 33:10 - What are the three things every startup should focus on? 33:10 - 36:21 - Why founders should not to be fooled by access to capital. 38:15 - 39:07 - What is the greatest indication of success? -------------

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