How a Feedback Driven Culture Can Enhance Your Business

Written by spaced

19 April, 2022

My guests this week are Thomas Rogers and Llewellyn Kinch, founders of Switchd/ MakeMyHouseGreen. In this episode, they share how speaking to customers changed their business for the better, diving into who they spoke to and what type of questions they asked to get honest feedback. This not only improved their business but gained more customers as well. Additionally, they share how they have built a company culture of feedback and how they have invested in the growth of their employees. And lastly, they share how they have used operational automation to improve the day to day running of their business, cutting out wasteful tasks that more time for important projects. If you’re looking to learn more about speaking to customers, using their feedback, building a feedback-driven company culture and using operational automation to grow your company faster, you’re in the right place. Structure: 0:50 How they started with 2:30 How listening to customers changed their business for the better. 3:41 When speaking to customers, who to talk to and what to ask 6:00 How to use experiential questions when talking to customers 8:10  Investing in your team 9:20 How to build a feedback-driven company culture 12:45 How not giving feedback can affect your business 14:00 What is operational automation and how it can help your business 15:50 How to use operations in your business 21:00 How being more efficient can help you grow faster 21:50 How do you win customers 23:00 Knowing what your customers want 23:30 Sin Bin - Glossed over 25:30 How to be successful with SBC 26:00 Startup Sin Bin - People lying about how quickly they have created a successful startup If you have a question that you would like answered, then email them over to my podcast producer Rosie at  #startup #businesstips #founder If you want to join us on the show, then fill in the “Pitch to Us” form on the Back Yourself Show website! This is your chance to get your interesting and innovative business in front of a global audience, where you can talk ‘growth and development’ with Tom Fairey: a founder who has been there and done that. Website -

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