Can building community before product lead to more success?

Written by spaced

12 April, 2022

My guest this week is Tessa Clarke, CEO of Olio. In this episode, Tessa shares how building a community of 5 million people all started with a simple Whatsapp group; how she built a team of over 50 thousand volunteers and how to use customer feedback effectively.  Additionally, Tessa shares actionable tips on how female founders can stand out to investors. If you’re looking to learn more about growing a community, how to use and implement customer feedback on your product and tips for winning over investors, you’re in the right place. Structure: 1:00 Introduction 1:30 How did Tessa go from 0 to a community of 5 million people. 2:30 How they used a survey to validate their idea 6:00 How they tested their idea through a Whatsapp group 7:30 Feedback from their WhatsApp group experiment 8:45 How they had a budget of £10 to reach people 9:45 How they used their customer feedback to build Olio 12:00 Startup book recommendations 12:44 How Tessa built her community from 0 to 5 million 14:30 How they built a community of volunteers 18:23 How they expanded their volunteering community to 50 thousand 19:35  Understanding that you might have to fire a volunteer 21:00 Tessa practical advice for female founders 26:00 Sin Bin Books mentioned: The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick The Lean Startup by Eric Ries Link to Dana Kanze - If you have a question that you would like answered, then email them over to my podcast producer Rosie at  #startup #businesstips #founder If you want to join us on the show, then fill in the “Pitch to Us” form on the Back Yourself Show website! This is your chance to get your interesting and innovative business in front of a global audience, where you can talk ‘growth and development’ with Tom Fairey: a founder who has been there and done that. Website -

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